AMU Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the AMU Login:

AMU Login Instructions:

1. It is best to know where you are going first. Visit this page first: This is the front page of the AMU site, and you can use this as a login page. 
2. When you reach this site, you will notice that right in the upper-right-hand corner of the page, there is a small grey box that says "log in" on top... only, when you place your mouse pointer over it, there is no link! Instead, there are three different login pages, depending on who you are.
3. Select the link inside the "log in" box that applies to you. This could be either student, faculty or alumni. This page will assume that you are a student, but the other forms of logging in are similar. Clicking on the student link will take you to a page with the login dialogue boxes tucked into a side bar on the right side of the page.
4. Input your student ID first, as this serves as your username while on the AMU site.
5. Next, type up your password into the box just below the student ID box.
6. The last step is to click on the blue button that says "sign in." With this done, you will have logged into your student account.


Resetting your AMU password:

1. In order to reset your password for AMU, follow steps one and two in the set of instructions above. You need to be in the appropriate login, but once there, you will find the help you need, Again, this page will assume you are using the student login.
2. The neat little blue sign in button is set right above the link you need to find next. Look for the text that says "forgot your student ID or password?" and click on the word "password." This will take you to another page.
3. This page has three text boxes you need to put information into in order to reset your password. For starters, enter your student ID into the top section.
4. Hopefully, you should know your last name, and can type it into the next box.
5. Next, enter in the last four digits of your social security number ONLY. Be careful here. Luckily, the numbers you type in are masked so when other users look at your screen that can't tell what you are typing.
6. Lastly, use the drop-down menus to enter your birth date into the page, and press the submit button. After this is done, you need to follow the instructions that the website gives you. Since these can be unique, you will be on your own for it, but you are already more than halfway through the process, so don't fret.

AMU Contact Information:

1. Admissions: 877-777-9081
2. Other Calls: 877-755-2787
4. Live Chat